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Here at ZLE&P we take pride in all our products, which are individually produced. We are proud to build quality products, using quality materials. If any item should ever have any stitching break, we will re-sew it at no extra charge - no matter how long you have had it. 

We can customize most of  ZLE&P's products to your specific requests, in an effort to produce the very best quality product available, for both you and your animals. 

ZLE&P also has both mules and horses available for sale from time to time. In our animals we strive to train them with natural and humane methods, and create a partnership with them.  

We also offer a few selected items made by persons we personally know and are impressed with the quality of their work. Those products are listed on separate pages from the products which we produce ourselves, and the makers/producers of those products are listed. The makers/producers of products produced by others, and available thru us, are guaranteed by the original producer with a full replacement or $ back guarantee for any defective item, same as our guarantee.



We do custom leather hand carving & tooling on our gear, when desired. Please feel free to talk with us about what you'd like.

hand carved wild rose chest strap hand carved inverted style butterfly chest strap
hand carved halters hand carved halter


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Cliff & Campbell Lakes from PCT
Click here to go to our Trail Heads website where we have detailed information, including maps, to trail heads in far Northern California (Siskiyou County, Shasta County, Trinity County) where we are located.

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