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We proudly carry Jody Foss' wonderfully written books which are illustrated by Bonnie Shields

Jody has a homey way of writing and tells the tales she's experienced with her mules in a most delightful way that makes for great reading. These books are a wonderful addition to the library of anyone who loves mules and the outdoor experience of living and traveling with them.

As a special bonus, these books have all been individually signed by Jody.

Mules Across the Great Wide Open

Mules Across the Great Wide Open front cover Mules Across the Great Wide Open back cover
front cover back cover
Mules Across the Great Wide Open back map

Mules Across the Great Wide Open Map

Join Jody and her sister as they ride green-broke Appaloosas and pack the incredible mule Sarah Jane 1,300 miles from Park City, Utah to Spokane, Washington. A collection of mishaps, old timers' stories and high mountain passes make this book a fun read. Humorously illustrated by Bonnie Shields and with a photo section, this 288 page book can take you away!

From the back cover:
"Jody's wonderful outdoor experiences and character portraits catapult us back to a time when travel itself taught us much of what we know of people and places. This is a trailblazing adventure told from the lazy "altitude" of a mule's saddle. It's a wonderful read for those who relish the pioneer perspective, and it will be a hit with readers of all ages. Happy trails to the reader!"
Anna Rees, Librarian

"This book makes me want to sell my car, get a mule, and hit the road. Jody Foss has written a gen - great reading for folks interested in life along the slowest of roads."
Chuck Woodbury, Editor, Out West, America's on the Road Newspaper
(288 pages, $18 & $1 shipping)

In the Company of Mules

In the Company of Mules front cover In the Company of Mules back cover
front cover back cover
Mules Across the Great Wide Open back map

In The Company of Mules Map

From the back cover:
"Could you fit everything you need on a mule? Jody Foss, in this true western adventure takes the reader across the west, on rocky roads and high mountain trails. In the summer of 1984, Jody saddled her mules Mavis and Sarah Jane and left her Idaho homestead, heading for the coast of Oregon. She discovered a country rich in colorful oral history and old time hospitality."

"Jody's descriptive writing and beautiful pictures enabled me to remember the smells and feelings of my years outdoors."
Anna Lane

Experience a West that can only be seen from the saddle... In The Company of Mules.
(367 pages, $20 & $1 shipping)

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