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utensil bundle
Rolled Bundle
All our "Bundles" (Utensil or Shoeing) can be rolled up and tied securely when not in use

Utensil Bundle

utensil bundle
Utensil Bundle
One shown open and one shown rolled

Constructed of:

  • Utensil Bundles are made from #8 (18 oz) Canvas Duck
  • They have two rows of "pockets" in which to store all your kitchen utensils... ie, forks, knives, spoons, cooking spoons, spatula, cooking knives, pot grabbers, stove lighter, whisk, etc.
  • They have a long cord so that they can be hung around a tree or between trees, etc. while in camp, so that they are always handy in the kitchen area
  • They have a cover flap so that they can be left conveniently hung the entire time while in camp and will remain clean and dust free
  • When ready to pack up, you simply roll them up and tie closed with the attached cord. Nothing gets lost or misplaced
  • We like to label each "pocket" so that we know that we have everything and nothing is being left behind or forgotten


  • $18.00

Shoeing Bundle

shoeing bundle
Shoeing Bundle

Constructed of:

  • Made from #8 (18 oz) Canvas Duck
  • Has "pockets" for the most common of your shoeing tools including 2 nail pockets with velcro flaps
  • Comes with a heavy duty solid brass grommet at each top corner so that the entire bundle can be hung up while working, if desired
  • When not using, fold down the flap and roll up into a bundle and tie closed with the attached cord. Nothing gets lost or left behind, and no searching for missing tools when you need them.
  • If you prefer to have you "pockets" customized, we are happy to do so for you
  • Also available in a smaller version for packing (see picture below)


  • Full size Shoeing Bundle $28.00
  • Pack size Shoeing Bundle $26.00
pack size shoeing bundle
Pack Size Shoeing Bundle
See info. above

Stuff Bags

cordura stuff bags pack cloth stuff bags
Cordura Stuff Bags,
medium, small & long sizes
Pack Cloth Stuff Bags,
long & medium shown

Constructed of:

  • Stuff Bags can be made from 1000 denier Cordura or from Pack Cloth. Cordura is much more durable than Pack Cloth, but Pack Cloth does provide an ecconomical alternative which still also provides a long usable life of the bag. Cordura is not slick while Pack Cloth is slick
  • All stuff bags have a flap inside the draw string hole, so that items don't accidentally slip out.
  • All stuff bags come with draw cords and barrel cord locks
  • Stuff Bags are a convenient way to keep items together for packing, and can be easily "top loaded" on top of your panniers, boxes or slings
  • Stuff Bags can be custom made for other sizes to order


  • Stuff Bag, Long 39" X 12" Cordura $20.00
  • Stuff Bag, Medium 30" X 15" Cordura $20.00
  • Stuff Bag, Short 24" X 10" Cordura $17.50
  • Stuff Bag, Long 39" X 12" Pack Cloth $.00
  • Stuff Bag, Medium 30" X 15" Pack Cloth $.00
  • Stuff Bag, Short 24" X 10" Pack Cloth $.00

Leather Possibles Bags

leather possibles bag pack cloth stuff bags
Leather Possibles Bag Leather Possibles Bag, end view

Constructed of:

  • Leather Possibles Bags are made from top quality chap leather.
  • This Possibles Bag measures 13" x 7" x 5"tall.
  • Possibles Bags come with an adjustable strap which can be doubled and used as a short handle (as pictured), or lengthened and used as a shoulder strap.
  • Strap can be made from either doubled and stitched chap leather or from doubled and stitched harness leather.
  • Zippered top opening with protective zipper flap.
  • All hardware is solid brass.
  • Possible Bags are a convenient way to keep your personal small items together for packing.
  • Possible Bags can be custom made in other sizes to order.


  • Leather Possibles Bag w/chap leather strap $83.00
  • Leather Possibles Bag w/harness leather strap $87.00

To place an order, please email us.
(If the email address in the above link does not work for some reason, please use our alternate email address)


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