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We make a limited amount of leather clothing, in a limited number of sizes.

All items are 100% hand-made and we will customize to suit your needs

Fringed Leather Jacket with
Deer Skin Yolk and Fringe

jacket with deerskin trim back
Jacket Back

This jacket is a large men's size and is made with rough out 3 oz leather. The yolk, both front and back, is deer skin with deer skin fringe. It snaps down the front and cuffs with heavy duty solid brass snaps.


  • $199.00

fringed blouse
Fringed Blouse

This blouse is available in small and medium womens size. It is made of rough-out leather with cut-in fringe and a matching leather tie belt.

It comes with a coating of Leather Magic Water and Stain Guard applied. Please read notice below regarding other leather clothing options below.


  • $90.00

Leather Garment Care and Treatments

Leather clothing is beautiful and extremely long lasting, but it does require some extra care that is different from other types of clothing in order to maintain it's beauty and usefulness. We offer a variety of Leather Magic products to help make the care of your beautiful leather clothing easy.

leather care products
Leather Magic Leather Care & Protection Products

We highly recommend that you occassionally re-treat your leather garments with additional coats of spray-on leather water and stain guard. Be sure that you choose a water and stain guard product which states that it is safe to use on leather. We sell Leather Magic Fabric Guard Water and Stain Repellent for this purpose. This is the same product that we apply to our garments prior to selling them. If you do get a soiled spot on your garment that has been treated, all you need to do is remove it by rubbing with a clean cloth and cold water. If you get a large or bright colored spill on your leather clothing, it is important to clean it off immediately, by running cold water over it to remove as much as possible and then use a clean damp cloth and, if necessary you may also use a mild detergent, to remove the rest. Be sure to use enough clean water to remove all detergent residue when finished. When the leather is totally dry it is important to apply a fresh coating of water and stain repellent.

Leathers are also prone to color changes caused by sun rays. If you do not want the colors of your leather to change/fade, they need to have a coating of UV protectant applied to them also. We sell Leather Guard UV Leather Protectant for this purpose.

We recomend wearing a light weight item of under-clothing under your leather garments to help protect them from body odors. However, if your leather garment does get some offensive body odors in it, they can be removed safely with Leather Magic Odor Removal System, which is a two part process. Please read the instructions that come with this product, prior to use.


  • Leather Magic Water and Stain Guard 16 oz. $18.00
  • Leather Magic UV Protectant 8 oz. $12.00
  • Leather Magic Odor Removal Kit $18.00

To place an order, please email us.
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