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Hobbles, Halters, Lead Ropes, Surcingles & Dog Beds

Convertable Hobbles

Convertable Hobbles
Use as single leg hobble or as two legged hobbles

Constructed of:

  • Made from Harness Leather with soft rolled latigo or chap leather lining
  • lining extends beyond the buckles so that the animal's leg is protected from the buckle rubbing
  • Center strap is made of doubled Harness Leather, for extra strength
  • Constructed in such a manner that they can be used together, as two-legged hobbles... or they can be seperated and used as single-legged hobbles for two different animals
  • All hardware is solid brass and stainless steel
  • Available in regular or draft size


  • $51.00/set,standard size
  • $54.50/set Draft size (up to 12" around leg and 9" between inside of legs when standing)
  • $24.50 for a single leg hobble, standard size
  • $25.50 for a single leg hobble, draft size

Humble Hobble

humble hobble
Humble Hobble in use

Constructed of:

  • Made from two thickness of Harness Leather, glued and stitched together for excellent strength
  • Goes thru large D-ring to form loop around fetlock and then around upper leg and buckles back to self
  • Regular size: 40" x 1 1/2", Draft size: 48" x 1 1/2"


  • $44.00 Regular size
  • $46.00 Draft size


training surcingle
Training Surcingle

Training Surcingles are a very handy tool to use when ground driving and training an animal. The long-lines are run thru the rings on each side of the animal so that they stay at the correct height and are each kept on the proper side of the animal, without any binding and with instant "release" when using the reins. They are an invaluable part of your training equipment.

Constructed of:

  • These are made from Xtra Heavy #2/0 Cotton Duck on top with fleece or leather under, and with dense 3/4" felt padding between. Top piece is about 31" plus 10" of adjustment straps on each end. Can be made smaller by eliminating end rings.
  • Cinch is #2/0 Xtra Heavy Cotton Duck, and straps are heavy nylon web. Medium cinch legnth is 25" from buckle to buckle.
  • All hardware is either Brass or Stainless Steel (slightly higher price for SS)
  • There are ample rings for different rein heights and to attach cruppers and poll straps to, if desired
  • You can get different size cinch sections so that the same surcingle can be used and both small and large animals, if desired


  • Driving Surcingle w/ leather underside - up to Medium size $55.00
  • Driving Surcingle w/fleece underside - up to Medium size $51.00


Hand Carved Deluxe Mule Halters

mule halters mule halters pink halters
Mule Halters with one of a kind hand carved nosebands

Currently available nosebands

(These will change as they are sold and new ones are made. We will do our best to keep this page updated, to the best of our ability)

Wild Roses noseband
Wild Roses Noseband

Rose & Wild Roses noseband
Rose and Wild Roses Noseband

Red Rose noseband
Red Rose Noseband

Pretty in Pink noseband
Pretty in Pink Noseband

Constructed of:

  • Quality Harness Leather, lined and stitched
  • Straps 1" wide with rolled snapping throat strap
  • Noseband hand carved and painted or stained. Each one is an original piece of artwork created by Danene Bates, exclusively for these halters
  • All hardware is solid brass


  • $155.00 (With Wild Rose or Red Rose nosebands)
  • $163.00 (with Pretty in Pink noseband)
  • Contact us for other designs that you might like

Deluxe Leather Halters

deluxe halter
Deluxe Lined Halters

Constructed of:

  • Quality Harness Leather, lined and stitched
  • Straps 1" wide with rolled throat strap
  • Throat strap can be snapped or solid
  • All hardware is solid brass


  • $95.00 with snapping throat strap
  • $93.00 with solid throat strap
  • $100.00 with Stainless Steel hardware

Foal Halters

foal halter
Foal Halter

We have raised a lot of foals over the years, and have realized how important it is to have a nice fitting halter for foals, that is also breakable should an emergency ever occur. Thus we started making these foal halters for our own foals that we raised.

Constructed of:

  • Light wt. Harness leather
  • All hardware is solid brass
  • These halters have a lot of adjustment and growing room in them


  • $35.00

Lead Ropes

lead ropes rope
Lead Ropes Derby Rope by the foot

Constructed of:

  • Our nice long lead ropes are made from SOFT AND FLEXIBLE 5/8" Derby Rope, which is a nylon blend
  • This Derby rope is very soft and flexible and stays soft and flexible even with lots of use and abuse
  • Snaps are Solid Brass
  • Snaps are attached with wrapped copper wire that will never rust
  • Our standard length lead rope is 12', which we have found to be the most useable length of lead rope
  • We will put together any length lead ropes desired
  • We will also sell cut lengths of rope, for you to finish youself
  • Blue & White is our only color option at this time


  • Lead Rope 12' X 5/8" with Brass Snap $10.00
  • 5/8" Derby rope by the foot $0.40

Dog Bed Covers

dog bed cover
Dog Bed Cover

Constructed of:

  • 1000 denier Cordura, which is an extremely tough fabric that will out last just about any dog bed cover on the market. The one in this picture is about 8 years old and it still looks almost brand new and has been used daily by my dogs.
  • long #10 heavy duty zipper along one side, so that filling can be easily removed for washing of the cover
  • Standard 40" diameter size for medium to large size dogs, and we will make other sizes by request


  • $42.00

To place an order, please email us.
(If the email address in the above link does not work for some reason, please use our alternate email address)


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