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Following are some other internet resources (links) related to mules, horses, packing, camping that we have found helpful and would like to share with you also… (links will open in seperate windows)

Mules (and horses) for sale:

Zinkel Long Ears & Pack - Rhonda Zinkel - Far N. California
Latte We often have a few quality mules and/or horses for sale, which have been raised and trained with good solid "natural horseman methods. Most of the animals that we offer for sale, if they are old enough, have often been out on the trails in our local Wilderness Areas, so are accustomed to the big wild world out there and take it in stride. Please visit us for more info and pictures. The link to the "Mules/Horses For Sale" page is at the bottom of our home page.

Trade Shows:

Klamath Falls Pack Clinic and Trade Show
The largest Packing, Camping, Trail Riding and Wilderness Skills Clinic and Trade Show in the West, and probably in the US.
(Click on the "Pack Clinic" link at the top of the page when you get to this page.)

Trail Heads and related informative sites:

Northern California Trail Heads An informative site with information about Trail Heads in far N. California

Shasta Cowgirls A site for riders in the Shasta County area to get together for info and rides.

Information and Fun Related Sites:

CADAMA, California Donkey and Mule Association
Donkey and Mule club. Informative bi-monthly newsletter, educational articles on club's website, and advocates for the donkey and mule.

Dude Ranches/Guest Ranches:

Marble Mountain Guest Ranch
An all inclusive Guest Ranch located on the East side of the Marble Mountain Wilderness close to the Klamath River, with both ranch/horse activities and river activities included.

Related Sites:

The Leather Craftsman - Connecting Craftsmen and the Community

Re-training horses:

Fix a Broken Horse - Steve Huddleston, Wisconsin
Retraining horses with problems. Steve also offers some clinics for horse and rider together.


Bay Area Equestrian Network - California
This is a large equines-for-sale classified site which offers free posting of ads, and a good search engine, for equines for sale in California.

Your Equine Source Horse Classifieds

Related Email Lists:

Equine Gear Talk List This is a list where you can ask questions about equine gear.. it's use, how it's built, what to look for, etc.
LongEars List
Packing List


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