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Some Information about the materials we use:


We use fabrics that are known and tested to hold up under rugged outdoor conditions, for long wear.

Canvas Duck
We use "Midwest" brand Double filled Cotton Duck
  • #2/0 Canvas Duck is the heaviest Canvas Duck available - and is actually becoming quite difficult to obtain nowadays. This stuff is virtually indestructible. It's stiff enough to stand up on its own when used in packs. This was the tough stuff most packs were made of in yesteryear. Weight: 32 oz. per sq. yard.

  • #8 Canvas Duck is a medium heavy Duck. We use this in our utensil bundles, saddle pad covers, feed bags, etc. Weight: 18 oz. per sq. yard
1000 Denier Cordura
  • This cordura with urethane back coating is is an extremely durable nylon fabric with excellent resistance to fading, abrasion, tear, rot and mildew.

  • It is quick drying and highly water repellent.

  • It has more strength than #7 Duck at less then one half the weight. However, it is not as "stiff" and will not support itself like the heavy Duck fabrics will.

  • It will retain its high water resistancy as long as it is not washed in a detergent. If it does lose it's water resistancy it can be sprayed with water repellant.
  • The Scrim we use is a multi-colored heavy nylon coated breathable fabric. It is extremely tough, and allows dust and water to escape thru it.

  • It is weather resistant, with UV and mildew inhibitors.
Pack Cloth
  • We use Pack Cloth with urethane back coating (a lighter coating than Cordura has), which is a light weight sport fabric, water repellent, rot and mildew resistant, and less expensive than Cordura.

  • It does not "wear" as well as Cordura, but might be what you need if you donít do a lot of packing and are looking for more economical gear.

  • We stock some items in Pack Cloth (as listed) and will make any of the items which we normally make from Cordura in Pack Cloth, by special order.


We strive to hand pick hides which have as few defects and color variations as possible. However, leather is a natural product which comes from the skins of animals, so there will sometimes be some cosmetic defects and color variations which is just a part of this wonderful natural product.

Harness Leather
  • We exclusively use Harness Leather in our straps, bridles, etc. where strength without too much stretching is essential.

  • We use heavy 10-12 oz. Harness Leather in our pack hangar straps.
Latigo Leather
  • We use Latigo Leather where more flexible and "giving" leather is required and stretching is not an issue.

  • In our Salmon River saddles we use heavy 10 oz. Latigo on the Aparajo.
Chap & Clothing Leathers
  • We use a variety of hand picked leathers in the building of our chaps, chinks and saddle bags. We also use some beautiful bumpy textured Bull Hides, and sometimes American Bison hides in the trim on these items. These hides are soft, flexible and as free of defects as possible. We are sometimes able to use some exotic hides such as moose, when we are able to get it. Moose hides are buttery soft which gives a luxurious feel to chinks, etc. made from them.

  • We use a variety of upholstery leathers, pig skin, deer hides and other fine hides in the construction of the garments which we build. The prices of the garments, chaps & chinks will vary depending on the hides available and their cost.


  • We exclusively use Brass hardware on all our products, as it does not rust and will provide the longest possible life for your equipment.

  • (Note: there are a few exceptions when we are forced to use something different because Brass is not available for certain hardware items - but, this is very rare - and we strive to search and locate Brass at all times)

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