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Pack Pads

pack pad
Pack Pad with removeable cover

Constructed of:

  • Soft fluffy synthetic fleece on the underside
  • Tough #8 Canvas Duck on the top
  • 3/4" dense wool blend felt inside
  • Velcro along one edge so that felt can be removed for cover to be washed
  • Large enough to protect the sides of the animal from the boxes or panniers... 32" x 47"


  • $85.00

Pack Tarps / Pack Covers

pack tarp/pack cover
Pack Tarp

Constructed of:

  • #8 (18 oz) heavy Canvas Duck or 1000 Denier tough Cordura. Cordura is lighter in weight but also more expensive
  • Brass grommets on corners, and also on edges of large tarps, make them more useable in camp as windbreaks, etc.
  • We have 3 standard sizes, and will custom make tarps to just about any size desired


  • Pack Tarps 9' X 7' Cordura $
  • Pack Tarps 9' X7' Cordura w/grommets $
  • Pack Tarps 9' X 8' #8 (18 oz.) Duck $67.00
  • Pack Tarps 9' X 8' #8 Duck w/10 grommets $75.00
  • Pack Tarps 6' X 8' #8 Duck $42.00
  • Pack Tarps 6' X 8' #8 Duck w/grommets at corners $47.00
  • Pack Tarps 36" x 48" #8 Duck w/grommets at corners $30.00

Tree Savers

tree savers
Tree Savers

Constructed of:

  • Made from 2" wide heavy duty but light weight webbing with solid brass rings sewn and rivited on or a loop on one end
  • To use, they wrap around a tree trunk and one end slips thru the other end to tighten around the trunk, and your high-line rope is attached to the ring
  • Tree Saver standard lengths are 4" and 6', but will custom make to any length desired
  • Sold in pairs


  • Tree Savers 4' with 2 rings (pair) $17.00
  • Tree Savers 4' with 1 ring (pair) $13.00
  • Tree Savers 6' with 2 rings (pair) $18.00
  • Tree Savers 6' with 1 ring (pair) $14.00

Pack Scales

pack scales
Pack Scales
  • These are pack scales which we purchase from the builder to re-sell
  • The weight range is 20-100 pounds
  • They come with a short "handle" cable which makes them easier to hold when weighing packs
  • Available with a Cordura storage bag to keep the numbers from being scratched while stored and packed, if desired.
  • These are the scales which we use every time we pack and we find them very accurate


  • Pack Scale 20-100 lbs $32.00
  • Pack Scale storage bag $5.25

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