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Open Top Panniers and Panniers with Lids

canvas open top panniers canvas panniers w/lids

Constructed of:

  • Xtra Heavy 2/0 Canvas Duck (32 oz. The heaviest Canvas Duck available)
  • With leather reinforced corners and front bottom edge
  • 10 oz. Heavy harness leather Hangers
  • Also available without the leather corners & front edge

These are tough enough that they should last just about forever!

2/0 duck is stiff enough that it stands up by itself, yet is flexible enough to allow some "give" room when packing them, making them a very easily usable pannier.

Sizes: (approx.)

  • 22" x 11" x 17" tall (standard size)
  • 20" x 10" x 16" tall (donkey size)


  • With leather corners and bottom front edge $264.00
  • Without leather corners or bottom front edge $227.00
  • With lids (18 oz. Duck) and lid straps... add $60.00


Slings carrying ice chests

Slings carrying bundles

Constructed of:

  • Xtra Heavy 2/0 Canvas Duck (32 oz. wt.)
  • with nylon webbing along the edges
  • heavy 10 oz. Harness Leather straps and hangars
  • Hardware is Brass or Stainless Steel
  • Available with Grommets along edges if desired (recommended)
  • Available with or without lids (18 oz. wt.)

Slings are great for packing long items, such as tents, roll-a-tables, roll-a-chairs, collapsible rakes, duffle bags, etc...

They are also perfect for packing ice-chests and fire-wood.


  • Without Lids: 26" x 47"
  • With Lids: 26" x 62 1/2"
  • Both are also avail. in Donkey size.


  • Slings w/covers & grommets $225.00 (our personal favorite)
  • Slings w/covers (no grommets) $217.00
  • Slings w/grommets (no covers) $222.00
  • Slings w/o covers or grommets $214.00
  • Donkey sized:
  • Slings Standard Donkey w/ covers & grommets $219.00 (our personal favorite)
  • Slings Standard donkey w/covers(no grommets) $209.00
  • Slings Standard donkey with grommets (no covers) $217.00
  • Slings Standard donkey with no covers or grommets $207.00



Constructed of:

  • 1000 denier Cordura
  • can also be made from #8 (18 oz) Canvas Duck
  • Full length #10 heavy duty zipper
  • Available regular style or with "no-lash" system attachment straps.

H-Packs are great for packing all your odds and ends in a top load and keeping them all contained.

When you get to camp you can just leave everything in the H-pack and use it like a suitcase. We love these!


  • 32" x" 40"


  • H-Pack, Cordura $85.00
  • H-Pack with web straps, Cordura $111.00

To place an order, please email us.
(If the email address in the above link does not work for some reason, please use our alternate email address)


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