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Lash Cinches

lash rope/cinch
Lash Cinch with Lash Rope lash rope loop end
Lash Rope braided backloop and end

Lash Cinches are made from #8 (18 oz) Cotton Duck, triple folded, with leather ends and solid brass hardware. They are available in standard mule/horse or donkey lengths. They come with a lash hook on one end and a ring on the other end.

Our Lash Ropes are made from 5/8" 3-strand poly blend ropes which have a braided in loop on one end and are back braided on the other end. These ropes have minimal "stretch" in them and stay soft to the touch, so are easy on your hands. We can make them any length desired, however the standard lengths are 55' or 60' - with 55' being the most commonly used length.

We also make 50' Sling Ropes, which are backbraided on both ends. Sling Ropes come as a part of the Complete Salmon River Pack Saddles and are also used on Saw Buck Pack Saddles to sling loads.


  • Lash Cinch $34.00 (rope not inc.)
  • 60' Lash Rope $63.00
  • 55' Lash Rope $59.00
  • 50' Sling Rope $55.00
  • 55' Lash Rope with Lash Cinch $93.00
  • 60' Lash Rope with Lash Cinch $97.00
  • rope by the foot, unfinished ends $.82/foot

Pack Cinches

saw-buck pack cinch single pack cinch
Saw-Buck Pack Cinch Single (Salmon River) Pack Cinch

Our pack cinches are made from 7 layers of quilted burlap with leather ends and solid brass or stainless steel cinch buckles. We use tongue buckles so that your pack saddle can be easily tightened while the animal is fully packed and does not require that you tie off the latigo, which is very difficult to do on a packed animal.
The double Saw-Buck pack cinches are attached together with a sewn on leather piece between them at their centers.

We will custom make cinches to any length desired for no extra cost.


  • Saw Buck double cinches $64.00
  • Single Cinches $32.00

To place an order, please email us.
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