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army style saddle bags
Army Style Saddle Bags,
Standard Style Rounded Saddle Bags with pockets made from bumpy Bull Hide,
Standard Square Saddle Bags


  • Our saddlebags are made from Chap hides, Latigo hides or Strap hides
  • They can be made using an Army Style pattern, with the seams on the inside, or from a Standard Style pattern, with the seams on the outside
  • The Standard type can have either one or two map pockets (one per side), if desired. We find these very handy
  • The Standard type can can have Bull-Hide flaps and/or trim


  • Prices can vary if you'd like a fancy bumpy bull hide, etc. leather used in building parts of them
  • Base prices are:
    • Saddle Bags,Standard or Army Style $137.00
    • Saddle Bags,Standard w/one map pocket $146.00
    • Fronts and lids can be tooled, for an additional cost, on standard bags made from strap leather.

Horn Bags

camera bag camel pac bag
Horn Bags with "camera" bag Horn Bag with Camel Pac Bag on one side
(tube tucks into bag while riding, and is much longer than what is showing in this pic)
accessory strap accessory strap w/walkie talkie
Accessory strap on side of "camera" bag Walkie Talkie attached to Accessory strap on side of "camera" bag


  • Our Horn Bags are constructed with the same leathers as our saddle bags.
  • The sides of the bags are a softer leather which "folds" better.
  • The horn bags can be made with a variety of bag options for each side.
  • The bags each have a D-ring on the back so they can be tied down so they won't flop around.
  • The standard "camera" bag measures 5" wide x3 1/2" deep x7" tall.
  • The standard "camera" bag comes with a buckled accessory strap on one side so that a cell phone or walkie-talkie case can be attached to it.
  • A "Camel Pac" bag is optional for one side of the pommel bag.
  • The "Camel Pac" bag holds a standard 64 oz. (2 liter) hydration bladder, which is available at most sports and department stores.
  • There is a buckle strap at top of Camel Pac bag which attaches to top of hydration bag to support it from the top, so that it doesn't sag.
  • These Hydration Bladders are very convenient in a pommel bag while riding as you simply pull out the long tube and bite on it for plenty of fresh water, instead of having to carry water bottles in your saddle bags or hanging from your saddle. The leather Camel Pac bag keeps the water quite cool as well.
  • Pricing

    • Prices:
      • Pommel Bags with Standard "Camera" bag on one side and "Camel Pac" bag on the other side $113
      • Pommel Bags with Standard "Camera" bags on both sides $113

    For those who are not familiar with Hydration Bags, this is a picture and info. off the back of a Cyclone brand Hydration Bag which is available at Wal-Mart and other sporting goods stores:

    hydration bag info

    To place an order, please email us.
    (If the email address in the above link does not work for some reason, please use our alternate email address)


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