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Saw Buck Pack Saddle 
Saw Buck Pack Saddle
With Salmon River Britchin & Breast Strap

It consists of: 

  • Wooden saw-buck tree
  • rigged with Salmon River Double Britchin and Breast Strap
  • Double saw-buck style cinch made from breathable burlap with tongue cinch buckles, which is the traditional style cinch of the Salmon River Pack Saddles.
  • All hardware is solid brass or stainless steel

We highly recommend the Salmon River Britchin & Breast Strap and Leather rigging.

The Salmon River Double Britchin spreads the pressure of the load across more area of the animal, making it easier for the animal to accomodate the load. And with the double set of straps which attach to the saddle, it provides more support which helps keep the load balanced. This is the only Britchin that we use on any of our own pack saddles. We are the only pack saddle builders who build Saw Buck Saddles rigged with Salmon River Britchins and we're very proud of this improvement to the Saw Buck saddle.

We prefer, and only use, tongue cinch buckles so that cinches may be tightened by just pulling up on the latigos and catching another hole in the latigo, rather than having to tie them off at the top. Once the animal is packed, it's nearly impossible to tighten a cinch that has to be tied off at the top, and it's very simple to tighten one using a cinch tongue and then tucking the end of the latigo up under the load.

We build saw-buck saddles using mule, horse or burro trees, and will rig to fit your animal at no extra cost.

  • Complete Standard Saw-buck pack saddle leather rigged with Salmon River Britchin & Breast Strap $465.00
  • Complete Standard Saw-buck Donkey size pack saddle leather rigged with Salmon River Britchin & Breast Strap $378.00

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